Air curtains are one of the mechanical ventilation resources that provide greater comfort and energy savings in places where there are air conditioning systems and we will see why.

An air curtain is a ventilation equipment that creates an invisible air barrier to separate two adjacent zones with different environments and temperature conditions.

Air curtains are installed in air-conditioned places that keep the doors always open or automatic.

Air curtains protect us from:

  • Hot air in summer
  • Cold air in winter
  • Suspended particles
  • Environmental pollution
  • Bad smells
  • Insects and pests

The air curtains are maintained:

  • Comfort temperature in summer or winter.
  • Clean, healthy and safe environments.

By avoiding heat or cold losses due to the temperature difference between adjacent spaces, air curtains reduce energy consumption by up to 80%, as well as reducing CO2 emissions to the environment.

Installation locations:

  • Hospitals, clinics and health center
  • Shopping centers and premises
  • Supermarkets and airports
  • Restaurants with open space kitchens
  • Refrigeration chambers or spaces
  • Drying chambers
  • Clean rooms
  • Loading docks
  • Changes of work areas
  • Laboratories and research centers
  • Banks

And in any place where the access door is always or partially open
Air curtains will always be a comfort, hygiene and energy saving solution for industry and commerce.

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